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The application iQube, developed by ONE – “New technologies Ltd." is
patented in the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the United States and has
no analogues in the world for its efficiency and capabilities.
iQube is a
multifunctional virtual office with the possibility of video conferencing.

The application has been tested by "Sberbank of Russia" during the past year.
The Result - 57% of effective calls which led to the sale of products of the bank.

iQube ™ is an innovative cloud service (SaaS), which allows the company to
quickly and easily organize virtual office and to set up interaction with the
Communication between the staff of the company and clients is carried out by
means of a video call.
Clients can call the company different ways:
• By means of mobile devices working under control of the iOS and Android
operating systems, having established the special
iQube™ mobile application.
• Call from a corporate site of the company. For a call the client can use
personal computer  equipped with the camera and a headset.
• Via the
BigPad video terminals installed in various places.
• Via WiFi routers of
iQube WiFi installed in public places, using various
personal devices (laptops, netbooks, smartphones, tablets).
. Via TV:  with SmartTV function support (under control of Android OS) or
equipped with a  special
iQubeTV set-top-box (allows to make SmartTV of any TV).
In both cases clients will be able to make video calls to the company without
leaving their homes.
In the course of video call the employee of the company (in iCube
terminology - the operator of virtual office of  iQube) has access to a wide
range of opportunities for high-quality consultation of the client. The
operator can:
show images to the client;
- transmit any text;
- show to the client his/her desktop;
- request the input of any text data from the client;
The list of tasks solved by means of iQube is diverse:
- consultation on company products;
- sale of products;
- processing of applications/agreements;
- finding  solutions of problems in online mode;
- remote office of the company;
- exchange of images of documents;
- banking services (processing paperwork on issuance of a credit/loan,
solution of problem questions, providing information on the account,
receiving from the client scans of documents, payment of fees and
many other things)
Such variety allows to use service in various spheres.
Main functions:
1. Mobile access worldwide from any mobile device and any operating
system (iOS – Android).
2. Full-fledged video mode of online communication with the Call Center
agent of the Partner at the
minimum speed (up to 312 Kbps).
Storing of the history of communication between Call-center and the
client (audiovideo data) providing SMS with the reference to the communication
history (audiovideo data) providing the possibility of audit and correction of the
quality of service.
Personal identification and input of personal information.

Additional functions:
1. The application is the readily available international catalog of the
organizations with possibility of video conference
2. Demonstration of any information on the screen.
3. Possibility of filling online of any forms and applications.
4. Purchase of any products and services (to choose, look through, place an
order for merchandise or services, to pay the order) without leaving home,
on a business trip, worldwide. The client receives the highest level of
service and answers to all questions in video format of online communication.

In order to start cooperation and Partnership, it is required to fill out and
sign the contract and to provide Call Center agents for training. After
establishing connection to iQube you will be able to receive calls not only from
the gadgets working in iOS and Android, but also directly from your web site

During the first month the
test "Basic" rate is provided, which includes:
- reception of video calls;
- connection of two working operator places;
- the ability to switch a call between different groups;
- storage of history of video of calls for 30 days;
- the option of demonstration of presentations;
- information input by the client;
-  information input by the operator;
-  sending SMS to the client of with reference to the dialogue.

iQube has no analogues in the world and is a unique tool for optimization of
business and possibility of establishing hot-line communication
with a myriad of agencies and organizations.
On November 24, 2013, the press center of ITAR-TASS in Moscow held the presentation of
the innovative project - the first in Russia, "cloud service" of video-conferencing iQube, -
which was brilliantly executed by Ivan Alekhin, CEO of the ONE – “New Technologies Ltd."
US-Russia Innovation Conference. Results.
24-26 March 2014, St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A.     Continued from page......
Director of Minnesota Zoo Lee Ehmke,
current President of World Association
of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA)
In the afternoon of March 24, conference participants
visited  the Minnesota Zoo for getting acquainted with
its Global Centre for the Preservation of endangered
Amur tigers and leopards.
For many years, the Minnesota Zoo has been
cooperating with the Moscow Zoo and Far East
Preserve in developing innovative technologies for the
conservation of endangered animals. Lively interest
was aroused by the meeting with Amur tiger and 3
"Russian Grizzlies" - brown bears living in Kamchatka
(Russia's Far East) and Alaska (USA), which reach
three meters in height (10 feet) and 600 kilograms
(1300 lb) in weight.
Brown Dear - Russian Grizzly and Amur Tiger
in Minnesota Zoo.
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Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie addresses the
participants of the Conference on March 25 in St. Paul Hotel
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At the end of the day some of the participants visited  
FeDex site in the airport of Saint Paul to explore the
innovations of this company. FedEx uses both ground and
air facilities in the Twin Cities to serve a multitude of
industries. This special tour included a “behind the scenes”
look at their state-of-the-art airport-based facilities and
focus on their role as a global leader in logistics for

The morning of March 25, the second day of conference,
began with plenary session, during which the Minnesota
Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, main "engine" of this
conference, addressed the participants and wished them
successful work.  

The main outcome of three days of collaboration, debate
and exchange of opinions among businessmen, scientists,
leaders of non-governmental organizations in Russia and
the United States, was the triumph of people’s diplomacy.
Even the language barrier and different mentality could not
prevent the sincere desire of innovation leaders from the
two countries to achieve success in addressing common
This conference provided an opportunity for professionals
not only to confirm their business and friendly relations, but
also to find new partners and friends.
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